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VAS™ Video/Audio Automation System Features:

  • Now you can have your own television station! VAS gives you complete control of your video/audio content either automated and unattended or live-assist. With very little effort you can setup weeks worth of video and/or audio programming and walk away from it knowing that it row just as you planned it.
    • Well tested, solid software. Most cost-efficient digital unattended video/audio management system available that still allows complete control of your content! Written by TV/radio automation veterans and professionals. Similar systems sold for thousands of dollars more!
    • Automatic control of your digital video and audio content with full format control, reliability, and ease.
    • Quick and Easy setup. Most options are preset to optimum.
    • Easy to understand, colorful, intuitive buttons, screen layout and design. [ Screen Shot Here ] (when window opens and loads, click picture to enlarge it).
    • Console screen shows titles, clock, content runtime and actual time.
    • INPUT/OUTPUTS: VAS can interface to external devices via Input/Output closures and inputs. Inputs can trigger sets to play, or can trigger a specific audio or video file to play. Outputs can be used to change program material, signal EOM (end of video/audio), change switcher channels, etc.
    • The schedule shows the current item playing and the estimated time items should play. Schedule can be edited and changed on the fly.
    • The video player use X360 technology and music uses uses Microsoft's DirectX audio technology; two of the best in the business.
    • One-Touch buttons (360 of them!) can be set for video or audio for live assist and instant access for emergency content.
      [ Screen Shot Here ]
    • Video supports these formats: AVI, DAT, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, RM, RMVB, VOB, and WMV.
    • Audio supports these formats: MIDI, MP3, MP4, and WAV.
    • Uses any Windows compatible video and sound cards that Windows DirectX 9.0c supports.
    • Quick EASY and instant on-screen preview of video or audio files.
    • Programming is scheduled using simple onscreen schedule editing. Video/Audio library categories allow quick random access to your library
    • The schedule can be created either on the VAS software or by any TV or Radio Traffic and Billing scheduling software. [ Screen Shot Here ]
    • Automatically stays on schedule. The VAS loads it daily log automatically.
    • The software has it's own built-in character generator. You can put any kind of text anywhere on the screen, in any color, any font, any side.
    • You can store character generator text for recall over and over again. Stored text also stores all it's settings such as font, size, color, screen location, etc.
    • VAS lets you display a graphic bug anywhere on the video screen. You can scroll it, fade it in and out, strobe it, flip it upside down or backwards!
    • Our software has a quick learning curve. It has easy to understand buttons and straight-forward intuitive operation.
    • Players have Stop, Pause, Play, buttons as well as flip, mirror, mute and audio level and balance controls.
    • RDS (Radio Data System) support gives you the ability to stream your song and artist information to the Internet, radio dial, or character generator.
    • Automatic Start and Stop allows the software to run unattended. Recovers from power and UPS outages once power is restored.
    • Audit trail allows you to see what has played and when for reconcilation.
    • Logs current playing information to a shared ASCII file for access from networked PC's.
    • Unlimited number of schedules. You can days, weeks, months, years in advance.
    • VAS uses two monitor outputs, so you can setup programming while the system is playing other programming live.
    • 32-bit Microsoft Windows® Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate/XP/Media Center/2000/2003 Server support with Windows Appearance Theme support.
    • Created with Microsoft’s new .NET technology to assure maximum reliability, security and compatibility with Windows XP and Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate as well as future versions of Windows.
    • FREE and quick software support via e-mail around the clock. Paid instant telephone support avaialable.
    • FREE upgrades for one-year from our Web site. Subsequent year support available with support contract.
    • Minimum needs: 2.0 GHZ Dual-core Intel or AMD Processor, 2 GB RAM, 1024 x 768 Resolution Color Display, 2 video cards or dual-video cards with S-Video output, 500 MB Available Hard Drive Space, .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

    Reliability/Suitability: Please note: VAS plays digital video and audio files based on current standards. Your video and audio files and tags must adhere to these ruls for VAS to work its best.

    VAS has been tested to be reliable for it's designed application.  You can expect hours of error-free operation, but we do not guarantee that playback is 100% reliable. Errors in video or audio files or scheduling errors should be expected. Applications such as Night Clubs, TV/Radio Stations, Cable Radio, Webcasting, and other similar uses should take this factor into consideration.

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