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Wintrax XP® JukeBox Software

We are pleased to announce that the new XP version of our popular Wintrax JukeBox software became available February 21st, 2006. Current owners may upgrade for $29.95. This price does not include shipping and handling. Web Delivery is available at no additional charge. Orders are now being accepted. (See our purchase page). Your credit card will not be charged until shipped.

The NEW Wintrax XP does NOT control changers via the LPT port like Wintrax 98 did. This feature is no longer available due to the 32-bit Windows XP platform. Therefore, you must have Wintek's PSR-4 or PSR-8 serial controller in order to control Pioneer or Sony CD Mega-changers.

Wintrax XP has all the wonderful features of Wintrax 98 with the addition of these:

-Full resizeable screens with larger fonts.
-You can now play MP3, WMA, and WAV audio files mixed with CD audio songs.
-You can use GIF, JPG, and BMP album cover/art.

*Because PSR-4 and PSR-8 controllers can control only one single manufacturers changer (either Sony or Pioneer), you may not mix changer brands. You must use either all Sony or all Pioneer changers with your particular PSR-4 and/or PSR-8 controller(s).

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"I run Wintrax 24 hours a day, because I like to always have music going. I have been using these jukeboxes for years with hardly no mechanical breakdown." Listen to it 'live' right now on my streaming
Live365 Site.

Robert Bass
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