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EzDJPro™ Digital Automation System - $99
for Microsoft Windows® Vista/XP/Win 7 Pro 32-bit/Windows 8/2000/2003 Server

From Wintek -- EzDJPro! Music automation software like the pros that provides complete clock format control of your MP3/WMA/WAV digital music library. Rip songs from CDs then organize them into categories, create a format-clock or play list, then let it roll. EzDJPro is designed for automating your digital music collection by digital radio broadcast veterans. The music scheduler is one of the easiest to operate in the market. It provides complete control for your LPFM, Cable, Internet station, Store-casting, Music-On-Hold, and other music automation needs. EzDJPro even inserts current time and temperature, announcements, jingles, stingers, liners, bumpers and more. Complete play list editor included.

EzDJPro runs on Windows Vista/XP/Win 7 Pro 32-bit/Windows 8/2000/2003 Server. It takes as little as 30 minutes to setup, if you already have your music on your hard drive. It even obides by Windows appearance schemes. EzDJPro picks up the time from the National Bureau of Standards. It picks up the temperature and weather from The Weather Channel(TM) or local METAR weather stations. RSD output support gives you a hook to stream the song and artist information to your web site, radio dial or character generator.

For a limited time (Dec. 31, 2013) EzDJPro 3.6 will include a license to Virtual Cart Machine for no additional charge, a $199.00 value.

Download our FREE 30-day full-featured trial demo from the download page now to get started using this incredible software! Questions? Call us or email us.

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