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yesterday; dj's used to have two turntables and three cart machines. they'd line up the music and spots. today; the digital era. with the quality of mp3, wav, and wma you play everything on-screen from a pc - music, jingles, liners, commercials, news, weather, sports, and more! vcm gives you 12 on-screen players called carts to play your music, jingles, liners, commercials, news, weather, sports, and more. professional enough for broadcast and simple enough for portable party djs and night clubs.

each cart has all the information about the current playing audio files including volume controls and album artwork! all the audio for the whole party can be arranged and played, even on your laptop. if 12 carts are too many, just half-size at the click of a button. if 12 are too few, add 12 more with each click of your mouse. prearranged sets can be saved and recalled again and again. want to play the time and temperature; just click the button or insert the pre-recorded cuts into a cart. when it plays, it's right!

you can create favorite folders that let you access preferred music files in an instant. hot keys allow you to control the carts from your keyboard or external devices. virtual cart machine keeps an audit trail of everything that plays, for later review. it outputs text for rds devices so the listeners know whats playing on their rds radio display. the decks can loop for music on hold or parking lot messages. never before has arranging your music sets been easier. download our free 30-day full-featured trial demo from the download page now to get started using this incredible software! questions? call us or email us.

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