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We're playing music in over 25 countries!

Here's just a few:

U.S.A.- U.K. -Canada-New Zealand-Ireland- Japan-Austria- Sweden- Switzerland Israel- Portugal-Greece- Netherlands- Germany-Belgium- Australia-Bermuda Hong Kong- Denmark-Libya- Singapore- Luxembourg ...and more! This is our 17th year serving 'Music Lovers' since 1990

Wintrax is the standard for LPFM, background music, storecasting, and even amateur radio broadcasters.

The standard for mega-CD changer control worldwide.

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VAS Video/Audio Automation System
VAS™ Video/Audio Automation System
Create Your Own TV Station. For Broadcast TV, Cable, Internet Streaming, Clubs, Churches, Party DJs and more!
Now you can create and program your own television channel! This software allows you to organize and play videos, music videos, movies, commercials, advertisements, music and voice audio files, and send them to a video transmitter, live Internet stream, TV channel modulator, video recorder, or other distribution device. Great for TV, Cable TV, Satellite, DTV sub-channels, churches, night clubs, restaurants, hotels, motels, health clubs, sports bars, offices, kiosks, elevators, etc.
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Virtual Cart Machine
Virtual Cart Machine™ Digital Music Automation/span>
For Broadcast DJs, Club or Party DJs!
Yesterday; DJ's used to have two turntables and three cart machines. They'd line up the music and spots. Today; the digital era. With the quality of MP3, WAV, and WMA you play everything on-screen from a PC! VCM gives you 12 on-screen players called CARTS to play your music, jingles, liners, commercials, news, weather, sports, and more. Professional enough for broadcast and simple enough for portable party DJs and night clubs.
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AVC-1 AVC-1™ TV/Music Automatic Volume Controller
Don't let TV commercials blast you out of your chair anymore!
This nifty micro-processor controlled device automatically and instantly brings commercial loudness to the same level as your TV show or movie loudness. No longer will you have to dive for the remote to save your ears! It also has a music mode that allows it to keep the levels of music at the same level even though different CD's are processed at different volume levels!
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EzDJPro EzDJPro™ Broadcast Digital Music Automation
Be on the air in a flash with WMA/MP3/WAV digital audio.
Play your music with full format control, just like the pros. Great for LPFM, Cable, Internet, Store-casting, background music and more. Play music, jingles, IDs, liners, bumpers, stingers, announcements, accurate time/temp announcements and more. Music scheduling with artists/song restrictions built-in. RDS support and audit log. Loads of pro features. Written by veteran broadcast programmers. EzDJPro operates on Windows XP/2000/2003 Server.
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WINTRAX® XP Home CD JukeBox Solution
Spend more time ENJOYING your music, not looking for it.
Control up to EIGHT of your Pioneer or Sony 25-to-400 discs CD-Changers from your PC.
  Wintrax software installed on your PC allows you to control up to EIGHT Pioneer® &/or Sony® Mega Audio-CD changers (25-to-3200 discs) from your PC.

This control allows "you" to decide what to play. Without Wintrax, Mega changers are just mega storage devices; with no idea what you want to hear.
  Did you know 300 CD-discs are equivalent to 22,200 minutes of music, or 5,920 songs (avg. 3.75 minutes each), or 22.2 gigabytes? Pioneer & Sony CD changers are cheap and reliable. All your music will be safe and sound. No backup required. Easy setup... You can be your own RADIO STATION practically!   Just think of the alternative... Hundreds of hours of ripping to MP3's, with constant, timely, unmanagable backups and the fear of a hard drive crash, in which case, you just start all over again if you didn't back up.

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  Listen to WINTRAX Live on WALN-FM/Cable Radio Allentown, PA
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