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EZDJPro™ v3.6 Software Demo Version
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Free download 98 MB
Publisher: Wintek Software Company
Date last updated: 05/15/2013
File size: 75 MB (Recommend DSL, Cable or faster only)
License: Demo Version 3.6 build
Minimum requirements: Windows XP/7/8
.NET Framework 4.0
1024 x 768 Resolution Color Display
1.5 GHZ or 32-bit or 64-bit Intel or AMD Processor
100 MB Available Hard Drive Space
Microsoft DirectX 9.0
Full-time Internet Access Required For Temperature Announce
Uninstaller included?: Yes
Limitations: 30 day demo, requires purchase to activate after 30 days

From the author: EZDJPro™ is automation software like the pros use. It provides complete clock format control of your MP3/WMA/WAV digital music library. The music scheduler provides restrictions from the same artists and songs for a pre-programmed period of time. You can create format-clocks or play lists. You can even insert automated time and temperature announcements! It is designed for automating your digital music collection by digital radio broadcast veterans suitable for store-casting, LPFM, restaurants, clubs, cable radio, Internet radio stations, and more.
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