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WINTRAX® User Manual (Microsoft Word)
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Free download 1.42MB
Publisher: Wintek Software Company
Date last updated: January 5, 2001
File size: 1.42MB
Minimum requirements: Microsoft Word

Wintrax User Manual in Word 7 Format (Size: 1.42 Megabytes)
(Approximately 10 minutes or less at 56K baud).
This self-extracting executable expands to a 10 megabyte Windows Word 7 document.
It can also be opened with the Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me Wordpad program.
Complete with illustrations. It is about 68 pages and can be viewed and/or printed.
Download Version 1.4.7 of the manual in Word 7 format now.
Download WTNOTES.TXT for changes to upgraded versions (not found in the manual).

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