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Pricing for VAS™ Video/Audio Automation System

VAS™ Software - CALL for price 817-330-9673
- Now you can create and program your own television channels! This software allows you to organize and play videos, music videos, movies, commercials, advertisements, music and voice audio files, and send them to the a video transmitter, live Internet stream, TV channel modulator, video recorder, or other distribution device. Great for TV, Cable TV, Satellite, DTV sub-channels, churches, night clubs, restaurants, hotels, motels, health clubs, sports bars, doctor and dentist offices, kiosks, elevators, etc.

VAS has both unattended or live-assist modes. One-Touch buttons let you start a video or audio clip immediately. The daily schedule allows you to program as many days in advance as you want and walk away for unattended operation. The audit trail keeps a reliable record of what-played-when to support and validate your paying sponsors and advertisers. This software can be used for both video and/or audio, either independently or mixed.

VAS supports these video formats: AVI, DAT, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, RM, RMVB, VOB, and WMV. VAS supports these audio formats: MIDI, MP3, MP4, and WAV. Requires Dual Video outputs (one S-Video output required for output other than PC-VGA monitors). Requires Dual-Core 2-GHz processor with 2-Gigabytes of RAM and lots of hard disk space for video.

Order Options:

Free Web Download15-day demo.
Add $6 for USPS Priority Shipping/Handling (2-3 days delivery usually) per order.
Add $25 for USPS International/Global Air Parcels (insured when possible) per order.

Software is not refundable.

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