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Virtual Cart Machine™ Software Features:

  • Well tested, solid software.
  • Quick learning curve.
  • No hardware key required.
  • Written by broadcast programmers, who know what professional broadcasters need.
  • Runs on Windows XP, Media Center, Vista, and Windows Server 2003, using .NET framework 2.0.
  • Created with Microsoft’s new .NET technology to assure maximum reliability, security and compatibility with Windows XP and Vista as well as future versions of Windows.
  • Uses standard Windows supported sound cards.
  • Uses Windows DirectX technology providing overlap and multiple audio files playing-at-once.
  • Beautiful colorful screens with easy to understand graphics, buttons, and icons.
  • Uses standard art work supported by Windows Media Player.
  • Demo mode allows you to sample the full functioning product for 30 days.
  • 6 or 12 cart deck mode which changes immediately by clicking the "6" or "12" button.
  • Each deck displays Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Track, Year, Format, Sample Rate, Bit Rate,
    Mono/Stereo, Song Length, Played Time, Remaining Time, Volume Controls, and Album Art Work.
  • Each deck can play WMA, MP3, and/or Wave files.
  • Each deck can fade/overlap to the next deck.
  • Each deck can chain to the next deck or stop after the audio file is played by toggling
    the "CHAIN" button.
  • Separate volume controls for each deck permits you to balance levels.
  • Any deck can be assigned to automatically give time announce in 12 or 24 hour mode.
  • Any deck can be assigned to automatically give current temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Current temperature is retrieved automatically from THE WEATHER CHANNEL website.
  • A forecast panel shows you the 36 hour forecast which can be used for live assist reading.
  • Temperature can be played immediately by just pressing the temperature "F" or "C" button.
  • Time can be played immediately by just pressing the "CLOCK" button.
  • "LOAD" button allows you to pick audio for each deck from anywhere on your hard drives or
    networked drives.
  • "LOAD FAVORITE" button allows you to pick audio from preset paths where audio is stored.
  • Loaded decks can be saved allowing you to reload pre-built sets by clicking the "SAVE SET" button.
  • "Sets" can be built while another set is playing when running multiple instances of the program.
  • You can immediately load a saved "Set" by clicking the "LOAD SET" button.
  • When album art work is shown, you can toggle between the art work and the volume controls.
  • Color coded buttons allow for quick location to start, stop, or pause a deck.
  • Keyboard hot keys for each deck's start, stop and pause buttons.
  • ASCII audit trail notes time of every file played for later reconciliation.
  • Multiple instances of the program can be loaded allowing you to create additional sets even while a set is playing.
  • Multiple instances easily located by a tag number.
  • Overlap time can be adjusted separately for short or long songs.
  • Song (audio file) time can be displayed in 10ths of a second.
  • Reads standard Windows RIFF and MP3 headers to display song or audio data in a deck.
  • Reads extended metadata for MP3, WMA and WAV files.
  • Reads Cart Chunk, European Broadcast Wave Format, and UMID data on WAV files.
  • Selectable auto eject after a deck plays.
  • "EJECT" button can change colors after a deck has been played.
  • "EJECT" button can flash to get more attention after a deck has played.
  • VBR indicator for songs that have Variable Bit Rate (indicating that the time may not be exact).
  • Special COLD conventions can allow you to customize how different songs will CHAIN*.
  • COLD indication for songs that have a COLD ending*.

*VCM Specs require adding a tilde c(~c) after the filename.

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