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Pricing for Virtual Cart Machine™ Software

Virtual Cart Machine™ Software - $49 - This software is as easy to understand as the old time cart machines it was designed to replace. No hardware keys to fumble with. Multiple copies can be run from one workstation allowing disc jockeys to stay ahead of themselves. Comparable in features to competitors but lower in price. 30-day full-featured trial demo available from our downloads page.

Notes: Using an optional keyboard wedge, "starts" and "stops" can be interfaced to automation equipment or consoles.

Add $10 for USPS Priority Shipping/Handling (2-3 days delivery usually) per order.
Add $25 for USPS International/Global Air Parcels (insured when possible) per order.

Software is not refundable.
Hardware guarantee: 30-day return policy / 90 day warranty against manufacturer defects. Nominal repair fee after warranty expires.

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