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The Passive Stereo Audio Mixer Model "PAM-4"

Question: How can I connect more than one stereo CD changer to my single stereo CD/Aux input jack on my receiver or amplifier? Do I have to use an external mixer? How did you solve that problem?"

Answer: You can use a passave stereo mixer or combiner as shown below, or a commercially available active stereo mixer with multiple channels (see the Extras page), or the type that DJ's use for clubs or parties (available at Radio Shack). They usually have sliders or volume controls and usually run on household voltage or batteries. You can build the passive mixer above for about $20 and less than an hour of your time (click on the Making the Mixer link below). Cost for active mixers run about $150-$300 and are available from some of the companies listed on our Extras Page.

Making the Mixer | Pricing

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