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DVD Jukebox™
Now you can view your DVD's at a the touch of a button, screen, keyboard, or mouse. DVD Jukebox allows you to put all your DVD's in a DVD Mega-Changers from Pioneer®, Sony®, and/or Kenwood®.

Cataloging is quick and easy and in no time you'll be watching your movies by simply selecting a picture of the movie on your TV, PC, or touchscreen.

Movies are catalogued number ways and you can find them quickly.

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VAS Video/Audio Automation System™
Now you can create and program your own television channels! This software allows you to organize and play videos, music videos, movies, commercials, advertisements, music and voice audio files, and send them to the a video transmitter, live Internet stream, TV channel modulator, video recorder, or other distribution device. Great for TV, Cable TV, Satellite, DTV sub-channels, churches, night clubs, restaurants, hotels, motels, health clubs, sports bars, doctor and dentist offices, kiosks, elevators, etc.

VAS has both unattended or live-assist modes.
One-Touch buttons let you to start a video or audio clip immediately.
The daily schedule allows you to program as many days in advance as you want and walk away for unattended operation.
The audit trail keeps a reliable record of what-played-when to support and validate your paying sponsors and advertisers.
This software can be used for both video and/or audio independently or mixed.

VAS supports these video formats: AVI, DAT, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, RM, RMVB, VOB, and WMV.
VAS supports these audio formats: MIDI, MP3, MP4, and WAV.
Requires Dual Video outputs (one S-Video output for the main output if it is not a PC monitor).
Requires Dual-Core 2-GHz processor with 2-Gigabytes of RAM and lots of hard disk space for video.
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Virtual Cart Machine™ Software
Take control of your digital music collection with this new product. VCM allows you complete live assist control using 6 or 12 cart decks to prearrange your music and commercial flights. Live assists couldn't be any simpler. Multiple instances of the program multiply it's usability. Great for Internet, Cable, Low Power FM, Background music, store-casting, and more. Includes Time and Temp Announcement module... (more VCM details)

EzDJPro™ Music Automation Software
Automate your digital music collection with this new product. EzDJPro allows you to create play lists and format clocks to play the music you want. Internet, Cable, Low Power FM, Background music, store-casting, and more. Includes Time and Temp Announcement module... (more EZDJPro details)

Wintrax® JukeBox Software
Wintrax JukeBox software provides complete PC control of your music library. Collect the song data from the Internet's 550,000+ song database automatically, then load all your CD's into your Pioneer® and/or Sony® Mega/Giga CD changers... (more Wintrax details)

PSR®Serial RS-232 CD Controller
The PSR controllers are micro-processor controlled devices that control from 1-to-8 Pioneer® or Sony® audio CD mega changers. You can use this unit to expand your Wintrax system from 4 on up to 8 changers, or to write your own software... (more PSR-4/8 details)

PAM-4® Passive Audio Stereo Mixer

The PAM-4® can connect audio from up to four stereo CD changers to a single stereo CD/Aux input jack on a receiver or amplifier... (more PAM-4 details)

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"I run Wintrax 24 hours a day, because I like to always have music going. I have been using these jukeboxes for years with hardly no mechanical breakdown." Listen to it 'live' right now on my streaming
Live365 Site.

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