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PSR® Serial RS-232 CD Controller

The PSR controllers are micro-processor controlled devices that control from 1-to-4 and/or 1-to-8 Pioneer® or 1-to-24 Sony® audio CD mega changers. The Pioneer® version also controls laser-disc video players, and cassette tape decks from Pioneer®.

The purpose of the controllers are to allow you to create your own jukebox software, or to extend your our Wintrax software beyond four (4) players to eight (8).

NOTE: Wintrax 98 supports 4 players without a PSR controller in most cases, so you may not need a controller if you are ordering the Wintrax 98 Jukebox Software.

Up to eight (8) of each device can be controlled by connecting the PSR to the RS-232C serial port of a personal computer or similar device. More players can be controlled with the additional PSR devices on other serial ports. The RS-232C cable from the PC, Mac, or other host, can be as long as one-quarter mile and need only be a wire with two-conductors and shield.

Connection to the CD players, Laser Discs players, and Cassette decks is achieved by connecting cables from the jacks of the PSR controller to the "SR Control In" and "CD Synchro" jacks of the Pioneer® devices. On Sony® models, connection is established via the "Control-A1" jacks. No modifications are required for either. The PSR for Pioneer® will control all models of Pioneer® CD players that display the "SR" logo on the front panel. This includes all the 18-, 25-, 50-, 100- and 300-discs players, regardless of model number (excluding European models). CAUTION: Some versions of Pioneer 25-discs and 300-discs players do not have a synchro output jack on the back panel and cannot provide end-of-song signals; therefore, be sure to have times listed in the software. In the case of the Sony® players, all models with "Control- A1" or "Control-A" jacks can be controlled.

Commands are sent by addressing the player number (1-8), device type (CD, LD, TAPE), and a two digit command code. The command codes represent all valid commands available on any given player device. A raw command is provided that allows for future commands that may be implemented by Pioneer® or Sony®. To send a command, you open the comport at 1200 bps, no parity, 8-bit word, 1-bit stop, and send the command in brackets, such as this CD player play command for machine #1: [1CDPL].

A short series of commands sets up a particular song to play. A return signal notifies you that the player is ready, and when you send the play command, the song plays. When a song ends, it returns a signal to notify your software, so you can trigger or start another event.

Documentation and the command tables for CD players/Laser Disc Video, and Cassette Decks is included. Sample code for IBM PC compatibles in Quick Basic and Visual Basic 4.0 is also included.

Sample VB4/VB6/QBasic code is available for download on our 'Download' page.


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