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EzDJPro™ Music Automation Software Features:

  • Well tested, solid software. Most cost-efficient digital unattended audio management system available that still allows complete control of your content! Written by radio automation veterans and professionals. Similar systems sold for thousands of dollars!
  • Automatic control of your digital music content with full format control, reliability, and ease.
  • Quick and Easy setup. Most options are preset to optimum.
  • Easy to understand, colorful, intuitive buttons, screen layout and design. [ Screen Shot Here ]
  • Screen shows song, artist, title, time, clock, category and music format.
  • Counters show the hourly progress and the estimated remaining time and number of songs in the play list.
  • Music fade and overlap using Microsoft's DirectX audio technology.
  • Music fade and overlap are adjustable for tighter segue-ways.
  • Supports WMA, MP3, and WAV digital audio formats.
  • Uses any Windows compatible sound card that Windows DirectX 9.0c supports.
  • Automatic time announce and temperature announce based on reliable sources such as The Weather Channel, and National Bureau of Standards. Comes customized, but you can add your own voices.
  • Quick EASY and instant on-screen Weather Report from The Weather Channel.
    [ Screen Shot Here ]
  • Music is scheduled using the Clock Format approach, just like the pros. Music is chosen by categories. Artist restriction and song restriction is settable.
  • Included Play List Creator automatically creats a play list with song restictions and artists restrictions. [ Screen Shot Here ]
  • Included Play List Editor allows you to manipulate and change the way your music and content will play. [ Screen Shot Here ]
  • Play lists can be pruned, edited and/or shuffled, to fit your needs and desires.
  • Automatically stays on schedule. EzDJPro loads a new play list each hour, day of the week, and day of the year keeping your air sound TIGHT.
  • System generates play lists for one week at a time. Can be scheduled to automatically regenerate play lists at the time of your choosing each week.
  • On-screen display shows each entire hour's content, including time each song or each element started.
  • Player displays album art included in MP3 and WMA sound file tags.
  • In the Player, the active playlist can be edited to add, remove and rearrange selections.
  • Current time and temperature is displayed on-screen; big and easy to read.
  • Always on Internet access allows for accurate time and temperature.
  • Quick learning curve. Commonly used buttons have quick one-button keyboard shortcuts.
  • Pause/Next and Resume allows you to insert live voice or announcements.
  • RDS (Radio Data System) support gives you the ability to stream your song and artist information to the Internet, radio dial, or character generator.
  • Auto tag editor - Allows editing tags on MP3 and WMA files.
  • Audio tag editor - Includes a feature that searches Amazon to update album and album art information.
  • Automatic Start allows the software to run unattended. Recovers from power and UPS outages once power is restored.
  • Audit trail allows you to see what has played and when for reconcilation.
  • Logs current playing song to a shared ASCII file for access from networked PC's.
  • Error log allows you to quickly find, troubleshoot, and fix elements that might be problematic.
  • Create, save, load, and randomize play lists.
  • Unlimited number of play lists.
  • "Automatic" play list creator picks songs for you using your Artist and Song rules.
  • Can be minimized and run in the background in most cases.
  • When minimized, icon on system task bar shows the current playing song title.
  • 32-bit Microsoft Windows® Vista/XP/Media Center/Win 7 Pro 32-bit/Windows 8/2000/2003 Server support with Windows Appearance Theme support.
  • Created with Microsoft’s new .NET technology to assure maximum reliability, security and compatibility with Windows XP and Vista as well as future versions of Windows.
  • FREE and quick software support via e-mail around the clock. No telephone support provided.
  • FREE upgrades for one-year from our Web site.
  • Minimum needs: 1.5 GHZ or 32-bit or 64-bit Intel or AMD Processor, 2 GB RAM, 1024 x 768 Resolution Color Display, 100 MB Available Hard Drive Space, .NET Framework 2.0, Full-time Internet Access Required For Temperature Announce.

Reliability/Suitability: Please note: EzDJPro plays digital audio files based on tag information. You must have audio tags on your files for EzDJPro to work at its best.

EzDJPro has been tested on Windows Vista, XP, Win7 Pro 32-bit,Windows 8/2000, and 2003 Server. EzDJPro's playback method is fairly reliable and you can expect hours of error-free operation, but we do not guarantee that playback is 100% reliable. Errors in song choices and sheduled operations should occassionally be expected. Applications such as Night Clubs, Radio Stations, Cable Radio, Webcasting, and other similar uses should take this factor into consideration.

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